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Article Do you offer any sitebuilder software?
Yes, we offer Site Zebra, sitebuilder with every hosting account for both direct customers and...
Views: 994
Article How do I create a directory on my domain with a separate FTP account?
Log into your control panel. Click "FTP Manager." Click on the "Add" button...
Views: 920
Article How to Use Web FTP / browser-based FTP in Internet Explorer?
Input one of the following URLs into your Address Bar, replacing the credentials listed with your...
Views: 898
Article Is it possible to change the main control panel or FTP login name for my account?
No, it is not possible to change these values without creating a new account.
Views: 900
Article What about backup?
We use a separate hard-drive../backup drive on all servers that each week on Sunday, all...
Views: 907
Article What is Fantastico?
Fantastico De Luxe is the leading auto installer for cPanel servers. With more than 15,000...
Views: 991
Article Where is the reseller control panel for Site Zebra?
Visit your reseller login to gain access. 
Views: 911
Article Why are my FrontPage extensions not working?
You must first make sure you have installed the extensions from going into your cpanel and...
Views: 877
Article Why do my FTP username and control panel username differ?
Control Panel usernames can contain uppercase letters, but FTP usernames are required to be all...
Views: 1063

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