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Article As a reseller how do I access my WHM reseller panel?
You can access your WHM Reseller panel via the following URL:
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Article As a reseller, how much control do I have over my resold accounts?
When you signup as a reseller, your primary reseller account will be setup with necessary...
Views: 1141
Article Can I just send my customers to your helpdesk for support ?
This is a plain and simple no. As those clients of yours have paid you for web hosting, you are...
Views: 1072
Article Can I upgrade my Reseller Plan in the future if I want to?
Yes you can upgrade your package at any time in the future, or you can even move up to one of our...
Views: 1129
Article Do you provide personalized name servers for true anonymity?
Yes! We can activate personalized name servers for you. Name servers are shown through InterNIC's...
Views: 1164
Article How do I get my Directi domain reseller account?
Kindly click here and fill & submit the reseller sign-up form.
Views: 1183
Article What if one of my clients break your "acceptable usage policy" rules?
Regardless of whether a client is a retail account, or a reseller client, all violations of our...
Views: 1065
Article Will my clients find out about me being reseller?
We attempt to hide all mention and tracing of our brand so resellers enjoy maximum...
Views: 1118
Article Will you handle the billing to my customers?
We do not get involved with your billing practices for your clients. For this reason you are...
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