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Article How can I access webmail?
Linux Server: Windows Server:...
Views: 1504
Article How do I set up my email in Outlook Express?
The following is a walk-through for setting up Outlook Express.Go to 'Tools' -> 'Accounts...'...
Views: 2361
Article How do I tell if my ISP is blocking my outgoing mail?
It is becoming more common that ISPs are blocking port 25 (SMTP port) forcing you to use their...
Views: 1185
Article I still can't send email. What's wrong?
Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference...
Views: 1289
Article What are my POP and SMTP settings? Enable My Server Requires Authentication option in your mail client.Note:...
Views: 1549
Article What is your policy on SPAM?
We take a very dim view of SPAM. It is one of the most annoying things encountered on the...
Views: 1224
Article Why do e-mails with certain attachments are rejected?
The server is designed to block attachment types which are seen as a danger if they are not...
Views: 1250
Article Why do I get message failure emails for emails I didn't send?
If you receive message failure emails for emails you didn't send then chances are you don't need...
Views: 1161

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