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Article I edited a hosting package why aren't my sites showing up with the new stats?
Editing a hosting package does not edit the sites that are already on the package. So to get your...
Views: 1186
Article Can I view my site when the domain is still propagating?
Yes you can view your website by the IP address of the server, simply enter into the address bar...
Views: 925
Article How do I change my sites MX record to point mail to another server or domain?
If you wish to just point it to another domain do the following:1. Log into your Cpanel.2. Click...
Views: 930
Article How do I create an account?
Before you can create a new account, you must create a package in WHM. Once the package is...
Views: 1059
Article Is there a maximum number of scripts I can have on my site?
There is no limit on the number of scripts you are allowed to host, however any scripts that...
Views: 985
Article Need to review all the scripts in Fantastico?
To view all the scripts offered inside Fantastico please visit:...
Views: 1112
Article One of my sites exceeded its bandwidth limit. I raised its limit, but the site is still saying bandwidth exceeded, why?
cPanel doesn't recognize the update so to make it speed up the process go into your WHM click...
Views: 1142
Article What is a package?
A package is collection of predefined specifications which define what a user or domain may have...
Views: 1051
Article Why can't I log into my cPanel or webmail?
Most office buildings as well as hotels have a firewall setup to block access to the ports...
Views: 967
Article Why I could not transfer files via my FTP client?
May sure you have sucessfully connected to your account and enable Passive Mode in your FTP...
Views: 960

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