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Article Do you offer any Application pack?
Yes, we offer 50+ applications which can be installed easily from your control panel. This...
Views: 1149
Article Do you offer MSSQL?
Yes, at present we offer MSSQL Server 2005 Express edition free for Windows hosting along with...
Views: 1011
Article How to Use Web FTP / browser-based FTP in Internet Explorer?
Input one of the following URLs into your Address Bar, replacing the credentials listed with your...
Views: 1292
Article The page cannot be displayed. HTTP 500 - Internal server error (ASP)
This is a generic error. If you receive this error message when trying to run a dynamic web page...
Views: 975
Article What about backup?
We use a separate hard-drive../backup drive on all servers that each week on Sunday, all...
Views: 1029
Article What is the difference between Windows and Linux Hosting?
There are somethings that run on Windows and not Linux. Windows hosting will support ASP /...
Views: 1021
Article Why I am not able to see 3D graphs in Urchin?
To view 3D graphs in Urchin, you need to install Adobe SVG (Scalable Vector...
Views: 1053

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